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Our lifetime can be filled with so many joyous moments,  children, pets of any kind & most important - DOGS!!!! Growing up with animals all of my life, starting with a cat named ‘Tiger’ who really was my first dog, or atleast he acted like a dog. He could sit on command, shake or give me his paw, lie down and come on command…all of those elements we so joyfully teach our canine companions, but a CAT?!! My pet companions throughout my life have always been another family did not matter if they were canine, feline, reptile, ...they were all welcome to be a contributing member of the family.

My love for our canine kids started with Golden Retrievers...always acquired two males or brothers from the same litter. By having brothers from the same litter, they had their equal partner to exercise each other, wrestle, play and be partners in any puppy crimes as they grew up! And how can you scolled either of them, if they can not tell you who did the crime!!! 

I had 4 sets of Golden Retriever brothers...Bubba & Sam, Bubba & Sam Jr, Eliot & Einstein and our final set of Goldens were Bubba & Sam Sr.  The pairs of golden fluff kept me sane rearing a family and keeping me present with love & laughter in my life.  When I finally met up with my f1rst Aussie...well, my love became equal for Australian Shepherds.  They met with my energetic personality and kept up with my love for physical activities! Hiking, Swimming, family, horses, etc etc.  If you choose a life companion with an Aussie, understand they will keep you active & will need YOU to keep up with them. 

You will both thrive with love, laughter & probably keep you physically fit to boot!

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