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Nutrition & Diet

I have used many kinds of dog food throughout the years, but one nutritionally sound and without chemicals or additives is Dr Harveys Canine Health.  This specific brand has a well-known Nutritionist as the owner & developer and I trust his knowledge as he helped my previous Blue Merle Aussie live another 2.5 years! My Bentley developed Kidney Disease and his food kept his blood work as normal as possible as the disease progressed.

I recommend Dr Harvey's Canine Health because it does NOT have any additives or preservatives.  It is the best holistic dog food I have found on the market. It has absolutely no added chemicals, no preservatives, and no synthetic additives or coloring agents

Dr. Harvey’s utilizes a team approach toward product formulation. Our research and development team is headed by Dr. Marie Limoges, who holds a Doctorate in Animal Nutrition and Food Sciences. Dr. Limoges and her team follow AAFCO feed guidelines and NASC supplement guidelines to ensure the highest levels of nutritional integrity.

Dr. Harvey works in conjunction with his research and development department to ensure the highest quality human-grade ingredients are sourced for the formulations. Before any product is released to market, the formulation is reviewed by several holistic veterinarians whom our company works with closely.

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