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My daughter and I competed at a horseshow, where we discovered a litter of Aussies in a nearby stall. Despite our family's loyalty to Golden Retrievers, these adorable rascals captured our hearts. Inquiring about available pups, we found they were all adopted.


I inquired if there might be any other litters coming along and found the Sire from this litter had another upcoming litter with a different Dam.  I connected with the Dam's owner just in time to choose either a female Black 

Tri or male Red Tri... I chose the female, named her Racquel (Rocky), and she became my "dog soul mate".

Her cherished life spanned from 4.27.06 to 6.6.20. A portion of her ashes is always around my wrist,

keeping her close to me.

When Rocky passed, my search for another Aussie could not have been soon enough. My house was empty without 3 Aussie underfoot. So I found & traveled to New Orleans in the thick of Covid and brought home little miss - Nikita. She was one of five, the only girl...and oh what a personality. As the Covid months continued, so did my elderly tribe of Aussies. In October 2020, we lost our beloved Bentley, a spectacular Blue Merle. We knew our home would not last without another Aussie, so we began & found our Blue Aussie - Bear in October 2020.  I hoped to breed Nikita & Bear, but unfortunately between needing to neuter Bear & trying to do AI with Nikita, our 4 attempts were unsuccessful over the next couple of years.  With the clock ticking we decided to find another mate for Nikita and found Halo, who has an extraordinary human mom. She guided & helped Nikita become pregnant....and oh what a litter!!!

8 little ones!!


As this litter grows and matures, it will be fascinating to hear from all of the new (possible) Aussie owners & your additional family member adventures!!!

May they bring joy & laughter to you & yours.

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